Fellowship of Mere Christianity
Evangelical churches united in belief, respect, charity and accountability

If You Are Looking For ...

  • Orthodoxy without fundamentalism (historic Christian belief, with charity toward all)
  • Catholicity without compromise (organic unity with all Christians)
  • Protestantism without sectarianism (finality of the Bible, salvation by grace through faith in Jesus alone)
  • Diversity without divisiveness (on comparatively secondary issues such as eschatology, sign gifts, sacraments and ordinances, church government, liturgy, and music styles)
  • Accountability without denominationalism (local church priority yet contact with wider Christendom)
  • Kingdom message without a merely social gospel (Lordship of Jesus in all of culture)

... You Might Want to Consider the FMC

Mission Statement: In submission to Philippians 2:1-4 (“esteem others better than himself”), our objective is to foster identity, fellowship, resources, and accountability to churches, ministries, and individuals committed to catholicity within the bounds of Protestant Christianity and to extend Christ’s Kingdom in history.

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