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Accordance: The best and most comprehensive Bible study and exegesis software for the Macintosh. A free app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

All of Life Redeemed: This site gives access to the writings of about 50 of the top Reformational philosophers and theologians, including PDF copies of many of their books and articles, plus a lot of other valuable information on building, teaching, and living a biblical Christian worldview.

Center for Cultural Leadership: From their web site: “The Center for Cultural Leadership believes that culture should be Christian — not by political coercion, but by spiritual conversion. Christian is what Western culture was for 1000 years, and this what it should be today.” Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin’s site, with resources for cultural transformation from a Christian Reformational worldview.

Dooyeweerd Centre for Christian Philosophy: From their web site: “The Dooyeweerd Centre for Christian Philosophy is committed to making available in English the works of Dutch Christian philosopher, Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977), and through this to promote philosophical work shaped by Christian beliefs.”

Logos: Excellent and comprehensive Bible study and exegetical software for Windows, now also available on Macintosh. A free app is also available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Search and Trace: From their website: “The folk at Search and Trace have a desire to get quality Christian ebooks into the hands of believers for free, or, at a discounted price, wherever possible. We are aware that many students, pastors, Christian workers and many others who enjoy reading and studying quality Christian literature just don’t have the finances to pay for the kind of library they would love to own. This is where we can be of assistance to you.”

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