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A Joyous Time in the Midst of God’s Beauty!

Nestled in the California Mountains in the shade of giant redwoods, Mount Hermon Conference center was the ideal site for the FMC 2013 Convocation. It was a joyous and refreshing time of worship, fellowship, and deep study of the Word of God.

After a delicious meal, Friday night began with a moving challenge on “The “Fidelity of the Church’s Commission” by Dave Lescaleet, pastor of City Church in Corpus Christi, TX.

The great preaching continued on Friday by Mount Hermon’s own Don Broesamle exhorting us to make every aspect of life an act of worship. Brad Stephens followed with a strong warning against evaluating music from a Greek instead of a Christian worldview. Host pastor P. Andrew Sandlin ended with a powerful and succinct talk on prayer as a central calling for the pastor. Saturday’s message by Russ McKendry on fidelity to Scripture brought us back to a firm foundation, and then “The Fidelity of the Church in Evangelism” by Texas pastor and seminary professor Tom Whitehouse turned our vision outward to the fields ready for harvest.

Besides the study and the wonderful food, there was plenty of time to see God’s beauty in the awe-inspiring California countryside. From giant redwoods that have been growing from before the time our Lord was crucified, to the shining power of the Pacific ocean as its waves crash upon the shore, to the serene dark of a mountain night, the finger of our awesome God was everywhere evident, drawing our hearts closer to Him.

We pray that all of you can be with us for the 2015 Convocation in McAllen Texas. May God bless your lives, ministries, and families between now and then.

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